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5 Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

Are you getting bored with the same old traditional Christmas tree decorations year after year? We’ve got 5 unique Christmas tree decorating themes that will liven points up and impress friends and family.

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It’s easy for families to fall into a Xmas tree decorating rut. Every year they get out the same decorations-the same round glass cat ornaments, lights, tinsel, and star for the top of the tree. After a while, the same old point becomes boring! If you’re searching for some fresh tips for decorating your Xmas tree, search no further. We have five unique decorating designs which will make your vacation tree much more interesting.

The Patriotic Tree

Every family members can appreciate a Christmas tree decked away in crimson, white, and blue, and it’s really especially appropriate should you have family who are veterans or currently serving our nation. After the 4th of July may be the time to fill up on items for this decorating theme. Look for little American flags, celebrities, empty firecracker boxes, and additional patriotic memorabilia. Large reddish, white, and blue pom-poms can be a nice touch on a patriotic tree, too, because they give the impression of a firecracker or sparkler.

The Children’s Tree

For a family with young children, this decorating theme is particularly enjoyable. Children’s trees should be whimsical and young-at-heart, covered with plaything trains, dolls, candy, and all things enjoyable to cats. Small boxes of crayons, paint units, chalk, toy cars, little books, and balloon animals are other fun suggestions. Remember that with children’s trees, it’s essential to consider the age of the children in the home, and to choose age appropriate decoration. You don’t need to decorate with any items that could be choking hazards.

The Animal Lover’s Tree

Not all families have children; some have pets instead. If you’re an animal lover, why not decorate a special Christmas tree just for your beloved companion? Obviously, the types of decorations used will vary depending on the type of pet you have. For a cat, chew toys and cat-themed ornaments are a good place to start. For those who have cats in your home, look for small cat toys, tins of catnip (well sealed, of program ), and cat-shaped ornaments.

The Sports Team Tree

Many families have a favorite sports team that they follow. Why not decorate your holiday tree to show your team spirit? Start by choosing all adornments in your team’s shades. Then add special group memorabilia, including any little items with the group logo on them. Aged ticket stubs from previous games may also be a fun touch.

The Brand New Year’s Tree

If you’re somebody who spends the majority of your holiday period looking towards New Year’s Eve and the countless celebrations and celebrations that go with it, a New Year’s Eve tree could be just what you are considering. Fun adornments might include noisemakers, little plastic New Year’s infants, plastic champagne eyeglasses, empty mini champagne bottles, corks, and party hats. This tree will end up being particularly enjoyable in the event that you host a fresh Year’s Eve party your own house.

Remember, decorating a distinctive and interesting vacation tree does not have to be tough. Your imaginations may be the limit with regards to decorating themes, therefore have a great time and don’t hesitate to try something brand-new this year!

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